Professional products?


Think again. I’m sure many of you have enjoyed the professional brand products that many department stores now carry. I’m talking target, walmart, bergners, marshall’s, tj maxx, even your local grocery stores. You think you’ve got a pretty decent deal too, don’t ya? Well think again. Today I took a little trip to tj maxx just to browse and I stumbled upon their hair care section. Just because I’m nosey, I started to flip over some product and look for some dates and sure enough, I found product that had expiration dates in 2013, 2012, and 2011. Now some of you may not think this is a big deal. But it really is!  These products are bought from a legitimate professional distributor and then set aside for years until the barcode on these products are no longer able to be tracked. During this time, the product inside becomes expired. due to heat conditions, and just sitting on shelves for years. This is when these products are given to stores like those listed above. Products that are no longer as effective as they originally were. That is what you’re spending your money on. Now I urge you to trust your stylist! We are 100% trying to help you out when we recommend products. It’s not about the sale, that’s what it’s about for those department stores. For us, and for me, it’s about you! The client! Our client! So please refrain from buying products such a joico, morrocan oil, rusk, bed head, Paul Mitchell (you get the picture) at the same place you’re picking up your milk and toilet paper.

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