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Summer is literally at our fingertips! If the anticipation is killing you, and you’re feeling way too overwhelmed, take a break from studying for finals and go pamper yourself! Ladies – step away  from the box colors, drab tones, and for goodness sake, let me trim your hair! This summer, go for a natural look with tones that compliment and brighten your skin tone and eyes. Natural and subtle is in. And for the men? Let me fix you…. kidding! For you guys, classic and clean cut is in. Evolve in to a style that’s totally your own! Just remember that if you leave a review on yelp for thexperience salon + spa and show our receptionists, you get a half off hair cut with me! AND if you snag a few of my referral cards from me and hand them out to your friends, you get $10 off your next service. Hurry in! I have tons of openings this afternoon!

Thexperience Salon + Spa

My hours
Tues – Thursday
11 am – 7 pm
10 am – 6 pm
8 am – 4 pm



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