Easy peasy

Hey guys and dolls! I’ve got a little deal for ya! But it’s gonna take a couple steps! Still interested? Okay, here it goes –

Step 1 – Come in and see me! I can do your manicure, pedicure, hair cut, color, or special occasion hair!

Step 2 – grab some referral cards from me! (CRUCIAL: don’t forget to write your name on the back under “referred by”)

Step 3 – Give the cards to your family and closest friends! (Tell them where to find me and send them in!)

Step 4 – Make sure your friend or family member gives the salon the card you handed them when they come in!

Step 5 – YOU  receive $10 or more off of your next service in the salon!! (But only if your friend gives the salon the card with YOUR name on it!)

So there you have it! Simple steps to receive $10 off a service. Remember that the more people you hand the cards out to, the more in salon credit you get which means an even bigger discount on your service! Also, remember that if you leave a review of thexperience salon + spa on yelp and bring it in to the salon you can recieve a half off haircut with me! Plenty of deals!

If you want to see me before Easter this weekend, I’d love to give you your perfect hair style! My availability for the week is as follows: Wednesday: 11-3 & 3:30-4:30 Thursday: 11-12:30 & 1:30-3:30 Friday: 2-6 Saturday: 1-4 FILL MY BOOKS! HURRY IN!

image XO Rachel


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