Big hair, don’t care

So today I had the pleasure of participating in a Paul Mitchell styling class with their new neuro tool line and can I just say, I LOVE them. They’re created for the stylist, so that we can create your look even faster! The sleek, easy to use design has so many benefits! These tools are one of the first in the industry to use microchip technology to send messages fifty times per second to deliver even heat throughout the barrel. The barrel itself is made of titanium, a metal that conducts it’s own heat and regulates it specifically to deliver that even warmth so that you don’t get fish hooks or limp curls. Another totally neat trick I learned today was a little something for all you back combers and teasers out there. I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that your hair breaks after teasing the hair in the same spot on the crown of your head every day. To avoid having to use that nasty teasing comb, take a section of your hair in the crown, spray it with a little heat protectant and hair spray and crimp the base! (your roots) That’s right, I said crimp! If you don’t remember what a crimper is, it’s that goofy tool that 90s kids used to get their hair to have that tiny zig zag effect! You can buy mini crimpers at target, and walmart! The hair will be nice and firm, and when you brush it out and lay the uncrimped hair over it, you’ll never see the texture, and your hair will have so much volume! Also decided to volunteer to be the model for today’s class and well… several different textures and irons created this huge head of curls. Enjoy!



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