As you may have known, IBW invites world renown guest artists to come and educate the student body. Today, David Adams joined us for a color workshop that delivered more impact than I expected! David Adams is founder of redCHOCOLATE, and previous artistic director of Aveda. He put a bit of a spin on the normal lecture-and-workshop system, and we hit the ground running! This time around, I was privileged to be in the top ten students that were able to work with him. We all went through normal consultation routines, the hair color focus being on red, and then as a group with David, we did consultations adjusting any formulas together to create a very beneficial learning environment! For my model, I created a beautiful copper color. She had a wonderful blank canvas of blonde highlights and lowlights that created gorgeous dimension when colored over with the copper-red color. David Adams works hard to enhance the abilities, confidence, and thought process of every stylist that he works with, and I walked away learning how to approach each appointment with an open mind, and focus on the colors within the hair rather than my end result. It’s never a dull moment at Aveda IBW that’s for certain! Enjoy!




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