Making a name for myself

At this point in my cosmetology program, I am starting to build a portfolio, and looking for salons that I could potentially work at! Since Aveda IBW provides students with so many amazing opportunities, they of course came up with the brilliant idea to give students the chance to bring in models and showcase our talents on them! The look could include a cut, color, make-up, updo, or combination of any of them. If you are interested in getting a cut or color, you would have to schedule an appointment before hand and then come in on the day of the photo shoot as well. If you’d like to just volunteer your time the day of for an updo, that would be highly appreciated as well! Keep in mind that I am using these photos from a professional photographer to build my portfolio, so if you are a model, you are able to walk away with those same photos to build your portfolio as well. There are so many opportunities that can blossom from this one photo shoot, and all I ask is a couple days of your time! Please e-mail me if you have any questions! Just remember that I am located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Contact info can be found in the menu above.)

Love always,


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