A French Twist

This past April, I participated in a fashion show dedicated to Earth Month and the Great Lakes’ Alliance, although I was not able to do hair for the fashion show, that opportunity was replaced with another, the chance to work one on one with world renown hair stylist, Nicholas French. Mr. French is widely known for his formal finishing skills and avant garde style, he’s been recognized around the world, and won several awards in the masters’ category in NAHA. I met this talented man. My two days with him began at 6:00 am on a Tuesday morning, the day before the fashion show. He began immediately crimping and setting my hair to be styled for a later time when the rest of the institute would join us for a class on formal styling. Not only did he spend two days styling and playing with my hair, but I was selected to work with him on a model that I chose on upstyles and finishing. The things I learned from this man were extremely valuable, and I’ll forever be thankful that I attended a school that offered these opportunities to hard working students!

IMG_5358 IMG_5361 IMG_5345


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