The Power of Touch

There are few professions that are licensed to touch people. Each one of those professions has the ability to heal, whether that be physically or mentally. I am proud to say that my own career choice is licensed to touch. I am a hair designer. What does that mean? As a very wise Dr. Lew said, “I cosmetically and psychologically transform self images and destinies of fellow human beings…” A person’s self image can make or break how they feel on a day to day basis. My job is invite them into my chair for at least an hour, and show them just how valuable they are. You may be booking an appointment for an eyebrow wax, but think back to the moment you caught yourself in a mirror and thought, “Oh my goodness… these eyebrows have got to go!” You didn’t feel your best then, did you? Now think of how you feel when you leave the salon with perfectly shaped eyebrows, a million bucks, right? My job is to bring out the best possible version of you! If shaped eyebrows make you feel like a million bucks, think about what a smooth blow dry style would do! A hair cut? Fresh color? I do my best to deliver solutions to your needs, and I won’t settle for anything less than your happiness! To contribute to that, this blog’s purpose is so that you may track my progress as a young stylist. Everything from the hair that I cut to the quotes and inspirational people that drive me to be better. All I ask is that you take my journey with me day by day!

Love always,



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